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Protect your loved ones from nuisance and scam calls...

When their phone rings it is almost certain to be someone they want to talk to...

Can be configured to give 100% protection for those living with dementia

Zero touch technology – no special buttons to press or commands to remember

Monitor online the calls that have been received and how they were handled

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Secure Sim

Friends & Family

Stay connected…

Calls from friends and family get straight through...

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Easy to use

No special buttons to press or commands to remember

Your loved one uses their phone as normal – it just rings less often!

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Unrecognised callers

Don’t miss any genuine calls...

Genuine callers can always get through, but in independent trials over 95% of unwanted callers didn’t!

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Monitoring the calls

Keep an eye on who is calling...

The Internet Control Panel allows to you to see who has been calling – who was blocked and who got through – and adjust any settings if necessary.

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How does it work?

Only the calls you want get through


“My phone is my friend again!”

“When the scammers realised they couldn’t get through, the calls tapered off and Dad went from spending £1,000 a month to zero.”

“All unwanted calls shielded and rejected. Hurray! I don’t know how I would handle this aspect of my mother’s dementia without trueCall. It really is a lifesaver.”


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free minutes*/SMS

From £18 per month & £20 setup

* calls to UK landlines and mobiles, subject to trueCall's fair use policy

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